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Mission Statement


Preparing Today’s Student for Tomorrow’s World


The mission of John Vierra High School is to recognize, celebrate, and support all students in their quest for future success through an individualized program of study that prepares them for any opportunity they may encounter.



To students: to reach their potential and be successful in all career endeavors

To parents and community: to build school, parent and community partnerships on behalf of learning

To staff: to develop, implement and evaluate our effectiveness and the effectiveness of programs on an ongoing basis

To one another: to create an environment of trust and mutual respect wherein all are safe to take risks, learn new methods, share ideas and express their thoughts


A belief that all students should learn the elements of the Central Intellectual Purpose:


Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Research Skills



A belief in maintaining a safe and orderly environment for learning

A belief in continuous improvement for all staff and students

A belief in accountability in all we do

A belief in self analysis and in learning and growing from all we do

A belief in accepting challenges

A belief in creating a community where all staff and students are members of a learning community

A belief that the greater community is an essential partner in the future of education


To provide facilities that will meet current and future needs

To provide each student with the tools necessary to learn and be a productive member of the 21st century

To provide the parents and community with ongoing opportunities for input and open communication

To provide staff the necessary tools and opportunities for staff development to continuously maximize student learning